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Our Support Staff

It is important to note that our team is not just made up of therapists. We also have a wonderful support team and without them, what we do would not be done so well.  

Office Manager/Billing Specialist: Shane Harbeson
Office Staff: Donna Miller
Qualified Professionals
Equine Trainer/Helpers: Anna Kahl, Monica Tanner, Heather Lewellen
Canine Trainer/Helpers: Monica Tanner

Canine Team:
Golden Retrievers: Peace "Lilly" of the Valley, "Lotus" Moana Mele
German Shepherds: "Willow" Whispers 

Rotweilers: Reign

Equine Team:
Quarter Horses: "Sage" is the Rage 
Quarter Horse Paints: "Saffron" 

Feline Team: